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Posted on March 11, 2010


Saludos Friends of Venezuela!

This week’s Correo del Orinoco International – English Edition will be available by tomorrow on our website at:


Our feature story relates to International Women’s Day, celebrated this past Monday, March 8, and the advances made by women during the Bolivarian Revolution, along with the obstacles still to overcome. Other interesting and intriguing articles analyze ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s recent visit to Venezuela; Washington’s true role in the war on drugs; A scary, but real escalation in agression towards Venezuela and possibility of a future military conflict in the region; Socialist commerce and markets selling products are fair and just prices; The strange tale of a disappeared Venezuelan town that has recently re-emerged due to a severe drought affecting the nation; A Tribute to Rosa Luxemburg; The major advances made in healthcare, education and poverty reduction during the Chavez administration; and a feature column by Noam Chomsky on US militarization of Latin America. 


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Please help spread this paper far and wide. We need to make sure Venezuela’s true voice is heard across the planet.


Revolutionary Regards!

Eva Golinger


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