Correo del Orinoco International – March 5 Edition: Demonization of Venezuela, Malvinas, Uruguayan Pres. Pepe Mujica

Posted on March 5, 2010


Saludos Friends of Venezuela!

We are so happy to announce that finally, our Number 1 edition is out! We
have had a good trial period for the past six weeks and now are official!!
Please find this week's Correo del Orinoco International - English Edition,
Number 1, Year 1, attached. We are also overjoyed to inform you that the
Correo del Orinoco website is up and running. For now, our English-language
paper is available on the Spanish-language site, but we will have a
full-fledged English-language website in the near future, and we will let
you know when that happens. Here is the link to the English section on the
Correo del Orinoco website:
Our Number 1 is full of interesting and in depth articles on the new
Uruguayan president, Pepe Mujica, and the consolidation of unity in South
America; the battle over the Malvinas Islands off Argentina's coast,
currently under English colonization and control; the demonization of
Venezuela through human rights reports that don't seek to judge the Chavez
administration for its advances in human rights, but rather to distort and
manipulate the facts; the absurdity of an opposition that blames everything
on President Chavez, even the current drought the country is facing; Cindy
Sheehan's productive and inspiring visit to Venezuela and her discovery of
how the People's Power impulsed by the Bolivarian Revolution is transforming
lives across the nation; a new radio station for the Global South, uniting
voices from Latin America, Africa and Asia - a project of Hugo Chavez
himself; and an intelligent analysis of poverty and the deception of wealth
in the United States, by renowned scholar, Michael Parenti.

We continue to seek your submissions, commentaries and letters. Please feel
free to write us at

We hope this paper will continue to be a successful reference for
information, news and intelligent analysis of events and advances in
Venezuela, from a Venezuelan perspective.

Revolutionary Regards,

Eva Golinger
Correo del Orinoco International
English Edition