Correo del Orinoco: Venezuela’s English Language Newspaper – February 26th Edition

Posted on February 27, 2010


Correo del Orinoco began publishing a few months ago and carries excellent stories.  The February 26th edition features:

-In-depth coverage of the establishment of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (US and Canada need not apply)

-Chavez signing of the Federal Government Council Law to consolidate socialism and give true power to the people.  This includes a priceless picture of Chavez driving a tractor to the event in downtown Caracas along with farmers and land rights activists.

-The February 27, 1989 popular uprising known as “El Caracazo” (big Caracas explosion) against neo-liberalism and privatization — against imperialsim and capitalism.  The Venezuelan government response was vicious repression — 3,000 people were killed.  The uprising is viewed as the beginning of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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