US Delegation in Cuba for Migratory Talks Visits Counterrevolutionaries Contrary to Cuban Gov’t. Wishes

Posted on February 22, 2010




Escrito por Dayami Interián García   
sábado, 20 de febrero de 2010

20 de febrero de 2010, 10:52Havana, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) A US delegation that took part in migratory talks with the Cuban government met with mercenaries in this capital, something contrary to the spirit of cooperation and understanding shown by Cuban authorities.
  After the diplomatic exchange, the US representation called dozens of mercenaries to meet, and even took them to the residence of the head of the US Interest Section in Cuba, Granma daily reported Saturday referring to a note by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

That action, the text sustains, once again demonstrates that their priorities are rather linked to support for the counterrevolution and promoting subversion to overthrow the Cuban revolution than providing a framework for a true solution of bilateral problems.

Those counterrevolutionary elements benefit from part of the over 20 million dollars the White House pays out each year for destabilization and subversion acts against Cuba, the document reads.

Since the very same day of the arrival in Cuba, the Cuban Foreign Ministry warned the head of the US delegation of taking advantage of the brief stay to organize a provocative event not in line with the spirit of migratory talks.

With that offensive behavior towards the Cuban people and authorities, the US government confirms that the instruments of the subversive policy towards the island are still in force, it added.

That stance corroborates the lack of true willingness to improve relations with our country, and leave behind interference actions, which have historically been the main obstacle to normalize bilateral bonds, the MINREX declaration stresses.

In the meeting held yesterday, the Cuban delegation reiterated the proposals made to the US side last July in New York, dealing with cooperation to fight drug trafficking, terror, and people’s smuggling, protect the environment, and face natural disasters.

In addition, the Cuban mission once again referred to the key affairs to be discussed in a possible dialogue aimed at improving ties: lifting the economic, commercial, and financial blockade; Cuba’s exclusion from the spurious list of State sponsors of terrorism; compensation for economic and human damages; the return of the territory occupied by the Guantanamo naval base; the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorists, among others.