Mexico Summit Opens with a Call for Solidarity with Haiti

Posted on February 22, 2010


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Mexico Summit Opens with a Call for Solidarity with Haiti 

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 22 (acn) The Summit for Latin American and Caribbean Unity underway in
Cancun, Mexico, started its sessions with a call for solidarity with the Haitian people in the
face of the tragedy of January 12.
   “The cause of Haiti is that of all the countries in the region. You know you can count on
us” said Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressing his Haitian counterpart, Rene Preval,
while inaugurating the meeting at the Grand Velas Hotel of the Mayan Riviera.
   During his inaugural speech, in the presence of another 24 heads of state or government and
leaders of delegations from 33 nations in the area, the Mexican President reiterated the need
for regional unity, a commitment which is the motto of the event.
   A single America, that was the dream of Bolivar, and as he said, unity makes us freer,
stronger, and more democratic. If this purpose of unity stated 200 years ago has always been
valid, it is a lot more now, he said.
   Calderon pointed out that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean can’t remain
disunited or successfully face the future on the basis of their differences. If we’re divided
and go into our confrontations we can’t achieve anything, he added.
    The Mexican president assessed the purpose that inspired Mexico in the leadership of the
Group of Rio, a period that concludes with this summit, “intended at exerting its influence as
a factor for dialogue and integration,” he said.
    The top leader greeted the recent incorporations of Cuba and Suriname to this mechanism of
coordination and recalled that it “it keeps the ideal of freedom and democracy that inspired
our liberators alive.”
    Social assistance for Haiti and that country’s reconstruction following the devastating
January 12 earthquake, the colonial situation imposed on the Falkland Islands and Argentina’s
demand in this regard, as well as the U.S. blockade on Cuba, are some of the topics to be
discussed on Monday by the leaders present at the summit that will end on Tuesday.
   Cuban President Raul Castro heads the Cuban delegation to the Summit for Latin American and
Caribbean Unity. 


Con llamado solidario para Haiti se inicio Cumbre de Mexico 

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