Chinese-Cuban Moises Sio Wong, Brigadier General in Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces, Dies

Posted on February 12, 2010



Moises Sio Wong, along with two other young Chinese-Cubans, became combatants in the clandestine struggle in Cuba and went on to fight in the 1956-1958  revolutionary war.   Each became a general in Cuba’s Revolutionary Armed Forces.  If interested in learning more about their participation in the struggle, go to Pathfinder Press at  —   “Our History Is Still Being Written:  The Story of Three Chinese-Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution”

Below is the Granma article annoucing the death of Gen. Moises Sio Wong.

February 12, 2010

Brigadier General (R.) Moisés Sio Wong Dies

A CubaNews translation by Mary Todd.
Edited by Walter Lippmann.

Brigadier General (R.) Moisés Sio Wong, who fought in the underground
struggle and as a member of the Rebel Army, died yesterday afternoon.

He joined the Rebel Army in the Sierra Maestra Mountains in November 1957.
In February 1958 he was transferred to the La Plata General Headquarters,
where he took part in several battles.

He was a member of the vanguard platoon of the Ciro Redondo Column No. 8,
under the command of Major Ernesto Che Guevara, during the invasion of Las
Villas Province.

After the triumph of the Revolution, he held posts in the Revolutionary
Armed Forces and in the Government.

In accord with his wishes, his body was cremated. His ashes will remain in
the funeral parlor at Calzada and K from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. today, after which
his funeral cortege will take them to Colón (Columbus) Cemetery, where they
will be placed in the pantheon of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

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