HAITI: 27 Days After Earthquake, The Numbers Reveal US Managed This All According to Plan

Posted on February 9, 2010


Regarding the number of UN troops in Haiti, in addition to the 9,000 on the ground reported below, the UN Security Council has approved the deployment of 3,500 more.  Perhaps the most frightening of the stats that follow is that there are 63,000 pregnant women in Haiti now and each month 7,000 babies are due.

The US managed this disaster according to its plan — they, too, are counting the bodies.  The more bodies, the more successful the plan. 

Haiti Numbers – 27 Days After Quake

By Bill Quigley

Bill has visited Haiti numerous times working for human rights.
He is legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.
His email is quigley77@gmail.com 

890 million.  Amount of international debt that Haiti owes creditors.
Finance ministers from developing countries announced they will
forgive $290 million.  Source: Wall Street Journal

644 million. Donations for Haiti to private organizations have exceed
$644 million.  Over $200 million has gone to the Red Cross, who had
15 people working on health projects in Haiti before the earthquake.
About $40 million has gone to Partners in Health, which had 5,000
people working on health in Haiti before the quake. 
Source:  New York Times.  

1 million.  People still homeless or needing shelter in Haiti.
Source: MSNBC.

1 million.  People who have been given food by the UN World Food
Program in Port au Prince – another million in Port au Prince still need
help.  Source: UN World Food Program.

300,000.  People injured in the earthquake, reported by Haitian
Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.  Source: CNN.

212,000.   People reported killed by earthquake by Haitian Prime
Minister Jean-Max Bellerive.  Source: CNN.

63,000.   There are 63,000 pregnant women among the people
displaced by the earthquake.  7,000 women will deliver their children
each month.  Source:  UN Populations Fund.

17,000.  Number of United States troops stationed on or off coast
in Haiti, down from a high of 22,000.  AFP.

9,000.  United Nations troops in Haiti.  Miami Herald.

7,000.  Number of tents distributed by United Nations.  Source:
Miami Herald.   President Preval of Haiti has asked for 200,000
tents.  Source:Reuters.

4,000.  Number of amputations performed in Haiti since the
earthquake.  Source:  AFP.

900.  Number of latrines that have been dug for the people displaced
from their homes.  Another 950,000 people still need sanitation.
Source: New York Times.

75.   An hourly wage of 75 cents per hour is paid by the United Nations
Development Program to people in Haiti who have been hired to help
in the clean up.   The UNDP is paying 30,000 people to help clean up
Haiti, 180 Haitian Gourdes ($4.47) for six hours of work.  The program
hopes to hire 100,000 people.  Source: United Nations News

1.25.   The U.S. is pledged to spend as much as $379 million in Haitian
relief.  This is about $1.25 for each person in the United States.
Source:  Canadian Press. 

1.  For every one dollar of U.S. aid to Haiti, 42 cents is for disaster
assistance, 33 cents is for the U.S. military, 9 cents is for food, 9 cents
is to transport the food, 5 cents to pay Haitians to help with recovery
effort, 1 cent is for the Haitian government and ½ a cent is for the
government of the Dominican Republic.  Source:  Associated Press.