Death Toll in Haiti Now Over 200,000

Posted on February 3, 2010



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Death Toll in Haiti Now Stands at over 200,000

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 3 (acn) Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive confirmed on Wednesday in 
Port-au-Prince that the number of deaths as a consequence of the earthquake that devastated 
that nation’s capital and several neighboring cities on January 12 has increased to over 
   During his speech before the Senate, he pointed out that the figure doesn’t include the 
corpses that are still under the rubble or the victims buried by their own families, the 
Prensa Latina news agency reports.
   Bellerrive also told the legislative chamber about the need of changing the government’s 
structure, in order to be able to face the crisis derived from the earthquake, as reported by 
several web sites.
   He expressed that the government –as it’s now constituted- can’t contribute results in the 
face of this situation, and proposed the creation of an emergency executive with a 
redefinition of the mission of ministers, or to leave the cabinet as it is and additionally 
create a National Committee for Crisis.
   The earthquake, of seven degrees in the Richter scale, left over 190,000 people wounded -
many of them with amputations-, one million orphans, and three and a half million victims.
   The disaster, considered the worst in Haitian history, destroyed from emblematic buildings 
like the Presidential Palace and the main buildings of the Parliament and the Archbishopric, 
to hundreds of thousands of houses, schools and hospitals, among other facilities.
   As a consequence of the destruction, over half a million people had to abandon Port-au-
Prince and take refuge in rural areas.


Son mas de 200 mil los muertos por terremoto en Haiti

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