Haitian Authorities Estimate Death Toll at 200,000 (and other disturbing news)

Posted on January 29, 2010



Cuban News Agency
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Haitian Authorities Estimate Death Toll at 200,000

Port-au-Prince, Jan 28 (acn) According to reports by the Haitian government, the figure of 
corpses recovered from the rubble has now reached 150,000, but estimates the amount of deaths 
at 200,000, and at 194,000 that of people wounded.
  According to governmental reports, there are one million victims –more than two thirds 
living in improvised camps and some 236,000 displaced from the territory.
 Only one fifth of an estimate of over two million Haitians in need of food is receiving it.
  The Delmas 33, Ofatma and La Renaissence hospitals, the emergency centers of Carrefour, 
Jacmel and Croix Bouquet, and the Center for Comprehensive Diagnosis of Grand Goave, among 
others, show the dedication of doctors, specialists and health workers of the Cuban mission in 
  On the other hand, the 4th field hospital opened by the Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti after 
the earthquake of January 12 is working normally since Wednesday, with which medical attention 
has been expanded.
  All medical units, in the capital, on the outskirts of it and in other departments, work 
round the clock.


Autoridades haitianas estiman en 200 mil los muertos