VIDEO Salute to the Honduran Resistance As They Bid Farewell to Pres. Zelaya

Posted on January 27, 2010


President Zelaya is supposed to be granted safe passage out of Honduras today by the incoming Presdient Porfirio Lobo.  The Honduran Resistance will assemble at the airport to bid him farewell.  This seems like a good time to look back at the last seven months  and honor the Honduran Resistance which hit the streets June 28, on the day of coup, and has never stopped.

The Resistance is Not Afraid:

The anthem of the Honduran Resistance is a beautiful and compelling song:  “Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo” or in English, “They are afraid of us because we are not afraid.”  Two versions.




Illegal Detentions, Arrests, Beatings and Death Squad Democracy:

At the end of a peaceful march, the golpistas’ police and military detained more than 25 people, some of whom were seriously hurt and maltreated.  The detainees were transferred to different police posts by various “special” police forces.  The detainees did not commit any crimes and the authorities have no proof of their culpability.  Of course state-sponsored repression continues today:  Death Squad Democracy.


The Valiant and Brave People of the Resistance Drive On: