All Week, Live Reports from Haiti – KPFA Radio: Among Other News, UN “Peacekeepers” Fire Rubber Bullets into Crowd

Posted on January 25, 2010


Kevin Pina, journalist and documentary filmmaker, is a special correspondent for KPFA’s – Flashpoints program and is reporting from Haiti every day this week.  Kevin has been reporting on Haiti for 20 years.  The show airs live daily at 5:00PM West Coast time and 8:00PM East Coast time and the URL is:   I encourage you to get the re-play of tonight’s program and then check in every day this week to catch Kevin’s compelling reports.  Here is the URL for past programs:

After my brief summary of Kevin’s reporting from Haiti tonight (my comments are in parentheses), I have added a video that Kevin Pina produced that focuses on the UN ‘Peacekeeping attacks in poor neighborhoods in Port-au-Prince in the 2005-2007 period.  The video is very graphic — trust me.


-UN “Peacekeepers” distributed food in one of Haiti’s poorer neighborhoods, Belair, today.  Having brought a totally  insufficient amount of food for the size of the neighborhood, Haitians started yelling and arguing with the “peacekeepers.”  The “peacekeepers” drew their weapons and fired on the population with rubber bullets.

(If you consider the fact that the US purposely withheld food, water, supplies, and medicines for the last 12 days from the people of Haiti and you add the above report of insufficient amounts of food being distributed, it amounts to nothing less than institutional provocation of the people.  Haiti has not been “violent” enough since the earthquake to justify an occupation, so the people will be provoked in a variety of ways until it happens.  Further, the overall lack of food, water and medical care is a de-population program, something the Haitian National Police and the UN “peacekeepers” tried to achieve with guns.  Haiti’s poor, which comprises the overwhelming majority of the population, are largely supporters of Aristide.  The relentless call by the people for the return of Aristide is an obstacle to the US and the UN. )

-The only people who can get into the Toussaint L’Ouverture airport in Port-au-Prince are those with US PASSPORTS.  (Keep this in mind the next time you hear about maintaining Haiti’s sovereignty . . .)

-Kevin Pina reported that grassroots leaders in Haiti are being cut out of participating in or organizing relief efforts.  He surmises it’s because they, you guessed it, are Aristide supporters.

That’s it.  Try to catch the show tomorrow night.  And now the video.


Kevin Pina’s, “We Would Rather Die Standing”