Radio Havana Cuba: Haiti – New US Military Base? “US is a genetically aggressive and expansionist nation.”

Posted on January 24, 2010


Haiti: New U.S. Military Base?

The U.S. government is making full opportunistic use of the tragedy caused by the earthquake in Haiti. The white house forced the local government to agree to fill their country with U.S. Marines and troops of the 82nd Airborne Division, in an operation which has nothing to do with humanitarian assistance but with military occupation.

Thus, the streets of Port au Prince, full of rubble and with a bewildered population with infinite needs, are scenes of a large deployment of U.S. soldiers armed to the teeth more common in a military conflict than in a humanitarian catastrophe.

The gardens of the ruined National Palace, seat of the Haitian government and symbol of sovereignty, suffered the ígnominy of being used as a landing strip for helicopters which, instead of bringing aid to the thousands of survivors crowded around the palace, have started to occupy the center of the city, after taking control of the airport.

Some people must have noticed the repetition of the events of 1914 when, with the pretext of protecting U.S. citizens allegedly threatened by a popular uprising, the U.S. troops landed in Port-au-Prince after fierce bombings and remained there for 19 years.

The middle-aged and youngest people should remember the two most recent invasions in 1994 and 2004. In both cases the United States employed the argument that the intérnal instability of the country was threatening international security.

This time Washington used the earthquake as a pretext to complete its strategic control in the Caribbean.

The U.S. military forces in Haiti are already comprised of 13,000 troops. They are supported by the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, the Underwood and Normandy warships, with the capacity of launching cruise míssiles, as well as the Bataan helicopter carrier. Of course, they are not part of the U.N.contingent or belong to the Mission for the Stabilization in Haiti, the MINUSTAH.

The United States with the Haiti under its control would be closing a strategic square of the entíre Caribbean Sea. This square would be formed at both western ends by Haiti, and the illegal naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and in the east by the facilities in Aruba and Curacao, and Colombia.

Remember that in the islands under Dutch control, the Pentagon maintains the constant presence of 300 men with combat capability, as well as five F-15 or F-16 planes, three reconnaissance aircrafts, a flying radar Awac type with continental scope, and maritime control devices.

Colombia has allowed itself to be turned into a giant U.S. aircraft carrier after the military agreement which betrays any spirit of peaceful Latin American coexistence, and places loaded missiles aiming at its neighbors, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil and Nicaragua.

To all this armed capacity, the Pentagon has added four facilities in Panama, a radar station in Costa Rica, a military base in Soto Cano or Palmerola, Honduras, another military base in Ilopango, El Salvador, and the ones in Puerto Rico.

If we imagine the Caribbean as a huge diamond, we realize that it is full of U.S. troops from north to south and from east to west. This presence is not in for nothing, it is a real threat to all our peoples, particularly to those where the struggle for freedom is so advanced.

The United States is a genetically aggressive and expansionist nation. This isn’t anything new for us. It was predicted by our founding fathers who wisely warned us about the need of uniting together, of standing our ground and not to give in to the enormous danger this military power represents for our life and our dignity.

Sources: RHC.