HAITI: Can You Say “UN Trusteeship?” Zbigniew Brezhenski Can and Does

Posted on January 24, 2010


on Fareed Zakaria’s Sunday show, GPS.  Click here to see the interview. 

Daniel Schorr called for a UN trusteeship on his National Public Radio program.

And, here is an article in the Canadian Military Journal written a few years ago, “The Case for International Trusteeship in Haiti.”

While a trusteeship for Haiti has been floated many times before,  when you hear the whole choir singing in perfect harmony, it’s time to pay attention.

Brezhenski drops several hints throughout the interview which may provide insight into what is in store:   this should be an international effort involving Latin America, Central America and France;  while the UN should coordinate the general effort, there should be an overall point person for the trusteeship (viceroy?) who should have a military background or connection; and it’s important that the US not be the country out front leading the effort because of its sometimes rocky relationship with Haiti.

Given that Aristide was overthrown by a cabal of the US, France, and Canada, I don’t see the Haitian people settling for a viceroy from any of these countries.  But, I  bet that Canada will play a significant, yet behind the scenes role implementing US and French policy goals — just as it did in the 2004 coup against Aristide.

Stay tuned!