HAITI Dominates US State Dept. Briefings

Posted on January 21, 2010

 I have just posted excerpts regarding Haiti taken from transcripts of the January 19 and 20 State Dept. Briefings. Click here to read the transcript excerpts and, in the future, click on the “Haiti:  State Dept. Briefings” page above for updates.

The reporters are asking the right questions:  what’s with the military overkill?  why are aid and supplies so slow in getting off the tarmac?  how’s Temporary Protective Status going to work? who makes the determination about where aid goes?  what’s up with these adoptions of children and how did Gov. Rendell of PA show up and take out all those kids?  why are you so pissed off with Doctors Without Borders?  why did the Voice of America transmit a radio broadcast into Haiti that featured the Haitian ambassador, Raymond Joseph, saying “don’t even think about coming to the US because they won’t let you in”?  and my favorite, what’s up with the USA Today story quoting an Army major with the 82nd who said that USAID had given strict instructions not to hand out any aid? Well, PJ Crowley, the State Dept. spokesman, didn’t like that one much.

While the transcript excerpts are long, I always find them revealing.