CUBA NEWS AGENCY: Help Haiti, No Military – Since Earthquake Cuban Docs Treated 10,000 People

Posted on January 21, 2010

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Haiti: The World Claims for Help, Not For Military Presence 

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 21 (acn) While the planet has been shaken by Haiti since the January 12
earthquake followed by powerful aftershocks, the international community firmly rejects the
American military presence in the Caribbean nation and claims for help to the Haitian people.
    The Cuban daily TV and radio information program The Round Table featured on Wednesday the
presence in Haiti of some 6,000 American soldiers, a number that is expected to grow to 10,000
within the next few days, causing a high rejection by several nations and international
    The French government reportedly told the UN that this is the time to help not to invade
the country in reference to the US stance towards the Haitian situation. Even the European
Union, as a regional block, has encouraged UN to define a strategy for the distribution of the
humanitarian aid reaching Haiti given the obstacles set by the US military to the landing of
aircrafts with aid in the Port-au-Prince airport.
    Meanwhile, the rest of the world is in solidarity with the Caribbean nation, where the
number of people found dead and buried amounts to 80,000, while the death toll is estimated to
be 200,000 victims.
    Cuba has sent hundreds of health personnel to Haiti, whose work has been highlighted in
contrast to the American response by the foreign media, including CNN.
    Experts participating in the TV program reaffirmed that at the moment the quake shook the
country there were around 300 Cuban health experts already working in Haiti. After January 12,
another brigade of doctors was sent to that nation including Haitians who are studying
medicine in Cuba.
    In the middle of aftershocks like Wednesday’s 6.1 quake, the Cubans make progress in the
creation of provisional hospitals equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Meanwhile, the
doctors all together have treated more than 10,000 people.
    Paradoxically, the American government which calls Cuba a terrorist country, is showing a
grotesque image to the world as food is dropped from US helicopters down to the Haitian people
to create chaos and thus justify their military presence, according to reports read by
specialists in the show.
    A call to be sensitive and sensible is a must in the case of Haiti, in a moment when the
government lacks both the resources and infrastructure to deal with the situation as most
national emergency experts died during the earthquake and the country’s architecture was
    The program highlighted the overwhelming number of children who lost their parents and the
number of mutilated people because several patients have suffered amputations of any of their
limbs to preserve their lives.
    Threads of mass exodus due to the hunger and thirst; the Haitian people is living under
terror, even though people are still rescued alive from under the rubble like a 11-year-old
girl that was pulled out alive from under her house nine days after the 7.0 earthquake brought
it down. 


Ayuda y no presencia militar reclama el mundo para Haití

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