MACHETERA: “A State Department at the Service of Petty Interests: The Ongoing Torture of Adriana Perez and her Husband, Gerardo Hernandez”

Posted on August 24, 2009

This is truly an amazing article about two amazing people enduring years of US injustice and cruelty.

A State Department at the Service of Petty Interests: The Ongoing Torture of Adriana Pérez and her Husband, Gerardo Hernández
August 20, 2009 ·

A State Department at the Service of Petty Interests:
Visa Denial as a Form of Torture

By Machetera

When the U.S. Government announced that it would deny Adriana Pérez a visa for the tenth time in eleven years in order to come from Cuba to the United States and visit her husband, Gerardo Hernández, incarcerated at the federal prison in Victorville, California, it carefully chose the date to break the news.  The denial was announced on July 15, the couple’s 21st wedding anniversary.  When the Supreme Court announced that it would refuse to hear the case of the Cuban Five, of whom Hernández is one, and the one facing the largest sentence, it chose the date with equal care: June 4, Hernández’s birthday.  The timing of both events was as certainly deliberate as it was petty – a stamp of the U.S. State Department, where cruelty and pettiness abound.

Pérez has not seen her husband for almost twelve years, starting since almost a year before a SWAT team tore down the door to his tiny apartment in Miami in September of 1998 and arrested him, answering his question about why he was being arrested with a snarling “You know why.”  So much for due process.  It would be only the first violation of its kind in a never-ending chain.

Pérez did receive a visa to come to the United States once during the eleven years she applied for one; from the Bush administration, in 2002.  It was the Bush administration’s idea of a joke.  Pérez arrived at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston to an FBI welcoming committee, who fingerprinted her and interrogated her for eleven hours, deprived her of the right to consult with an attorney or her consulate, and then revoked the visa and sent her packing directly back to Cuba without being able to communicate with her husband.
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