New Kevin Pina Video “Haiti: We Will Bend But We Will Not Break”

Posted on August 21, 2009

HIP – A new educational video released today by journalist and filmmaker Kevin Pina entitled Haiti: We will bend but we will not break highlights the resistance before the coup of Feb. 29, 2004. In this 20-minute video we see the roots of Haiti’s movement representing the majority of the poor struggle to contain the juggernaut of the coup fomented and supported by the Bush adminstration, the OAS an the international community.

Part 2 is scheduled to be released shortly. Pina stated, “I wanted to give those interested in Haiti a chance to digest the complex information in the first part before releasing the second. This is a history and footage that is largely unseen and a story mostly censored by the corporate media. I hope it will resonate given the current situation in the country.”

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