HAITI (video): Wyclef Jean – MIA During Priest’s Burial and UN Murder of Haitian Mourner

Posted on June 23, 2009

Where is Wyclef Jean when you need him?  Apparently, in a New York studio composing a song for the upper class protesters in the streets of Iran.  Too bad.  The people of Haiti could have used his solidarity last week.  Last Thursday, Haitians laid to rest their beloved priest, human rights advocate, and political prisoner, Father Gerard Jean-Juste.  Unfortunately, his rest was horribly interrupted by a provocative arrest of one mourner and the murder of another, both by UN troops.

In a June 20 article by Kevin Pina,” ‘Thank You Bill Clinton’- One More Assassination by UN Troops in Haiti” it is evident that the worst insult that could be delivered to the Haitian people on the day of Jean-Juste’s funeral is the perpetration of violent acts by their  UN occupiers.

Thinking about what took place in Haiti and then stumbling upon Wyclef’s Iran video “Emergency Concert for Iran,” I was struck by the contrast in media coverage of these two countries.  Haiti is terribly undercovered and Iran, right now, shall we say, is over-exposed?  The amount of media resources spent to cover upper class Iranians in their twenties and thirties running through the streets of Tehran in their Calvin Klein’s is almost obscene.  Yet, in Haiti, not far from the US coast, a horrible tragedy put into motion by the US that began with the kidnapping of the democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, goes virtually unnoticed. I guess the “twitter” bird doesn’t tweet there.

While the CIA and the Mossad are helping to bring their kind of “democracy” to Iran, no one will help the people of Haiti get back the democracy they achieved nine years ago with the election of President Aristide.

So, Wyclef, do a song for Iran, if you must.  But, your homeland, Haiti, could use your celebrity status now and a special message of solidarity from you.

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