HAITI (videos): United Nations’ Peacekeeping Massacres – Making the 2004 Coup Stick

Posted on May 8, 2009

1_245720_1_9It’s been over five years since the coup in Haiti in which the President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, was kidnapped and dumped in the Central African Republic.  The coup was planned and orchestrated by the US, France, and Canada.  About 200 “rebels,” no doubt financed by the US, made a series of cross border attacks from their base in the Dominican Republic beginning a year before the coup.  This was to give the impression that a majority of Haitians were against the policies of Aristide and that a coup was imminent.  Neither was true except on the story boards of the US Agency for International Development and the National Endowment for Democracy.

So, the coup had to be faked.  The number of “rebels” was grossly exaggerated to the media and the US embassy perpetuated their own lie that Aristide had resigned of his own accord.  As we know now, Aristide left Haiti under the guns of US Army Special Forces and the escort of the treacherous Deputy Ambassador from the US embassy, Luis Moreno.  It is rumored that Moreno called the leader of the “rebels,” Guy Philippe, the night before the coup and told him to not advance toward the capital, Port-au-Prince, because “we (Moreno and Co.) will take it from here.”

What happens in a country when an overwhelmingly popular president is removed against his will?  The whole damn country hits the streets in protest.  This is what the people of Haiti did time after time after time.  Sometimes, in such large numbers that it scared the bejeebers out of the peacekeeping operation and sometimes at inopportune moments such as during the visits of the UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki-Moon  and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.  The only way to keep Aristide supporters off of the streets was to send in UN Peacekeepers, in the hundreds, to kill unarmed citizens, many as they slept in their beds.   This happened several times in Haiti.

Following are three videos.  In each of the attacks portrayed here, note that the UN never brought an ambulance which is customary for any operation in a civilian area.  And the Red Cross were prevented from entering the area as well.

The first video is of a UN attack in 2005 on a Haitian market in the middle of the day with shoppers running for their lives.  If the UN peacekeepers were after anyone in particular, it is not apparent.

The second and third videos show various scenes of two of the worst UN massacres and was prepared by Kevin Pina, documentary filmmaker and Special Correspondent for KPFA, Berkeley.  One of the massacres took place on July 6, 2005 involving close to 400 peacekeepers who expended over 22,000 rounds of ammunition.  The UN maintains that the raid was to ferret out “bandits,” but no civilians were killed.  The second raid took place on December 22, 2006, with the UN using a similar modus operandi and the same denials about civilian casualties.

At the end of the third video, you will see Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a good friend and comrade of mine, being interviewed on Democracy Now.  Lovinsky was disappeared in August 2007 and has not been seen since.  A few days before his disappearance, he was organizing a demonstration against Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

This story must be told over and over again and shared widely.  Your help in doing that would be most appreciated.


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