Posted on May 3, 2009

fidelmarti2Reflections by Comrade Fidel


Thursday, April 30 was unlucky for the United States. On that day it occurred to them to include Cuba yet again on the list of terrorist countries. Committed as they are to their own crimes and lies, perhaps even Obama himself was unable to untangle himself from that mess. A man whose talent nobody denies must feel ashamed about the empire’s cult of lie. Fifty years of terrorism against our Homeland come to light in an instant.

What can one explain to those who know about the horrific event of a
plane blown up in mid-flight, with its passengers and crew, about the
participation of the United States in the events, the recruiting of
Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles, and the supplying of explosives,
funds and the complicity of the intelligence agencies and the
authorities of that country? How can one explain the campaign of
terror that preceded and followed the mercenary invasion of the Bay
of Pigs, the attacks on our coasts, towns, transport and fishing
vessels, the terrorist actions inside and outside of the United
States? How can one explain the hundreds of frustrated assassination
plots on the lives of Cuban leaders? What can one say about the
introduction of viruses such as hemorrhagic dengue and swine fever
that genetically had never even existed in the hemisphere? I am
merely mentioning some of the acts of terror in which the United
States has played a part, the ones recorded in their own declassified
documents. Don’t these events embarrass the current administration?

I could put together an endless list of abhorrent activities.

At our request, Bruno Rodríguez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, sent me
the exact words used by a France-Presse reporter to ask him a
question on April 30, along with his compelling answer.

Rigoberto Díaz, of AFP: “Coinciding with the final moments of this
meeting and also on a subject that has been dealt with during this
event, the US government has once more included Cuba on the list of
countries sponsors of terrorism along with Sudan, Iran and Syria.
I would like to hear your opinion on this.”

Bruno’s reply:

“We do not recognize any political or moral authority to the US
government to make any list on any subject, or to “certify” good or
bad behavior.

The Bush government was “certified” by world public opinion as a
government violating international law; as being aggressive and
war-mongering; as a government that tortures and that is responsible
for extrajudicial executions.

“Bush has been the only president who has boasted in public, in the
US Congress, about having carried out extrajudicial executions. That
is a government which kidnapped people and transported them
illegally, created secret prisons that nobody knows whether they are
still in existence, and a concentration camp where torturing is going
on in the part of territory usurped from the Republic of Cuba.

“In the matter of terrorism, the US government has historically held
a long record of State terrorism acts, not only against Cuba.

“In the US, Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles are free to come and
go; these two who are responsible for numerous terrorist acts
including the blowing up of a civilian Cuban plane in mid-flight.
There is no answer to Venezuela’s official request for the
extradition of Posada Carriles who is being tried for various
charges, but not as a notorious international terrorist.

“The US government held a travesty of a trial against the five young
Cuban anti-terrorist activists who are today being held as political
prisoners in its jails.

“The US government covers up acts of State terrorism committed by
Israel against the Palestinian people and the Arab peoples. And, it
kept silent before the crimes taking place in the Gaza Strip.

“Therefore one shouldn’t recognize that the United States has any
moral authority whatsoever, and I, frankly, believe that nobody pays
any attention or reads those documents, among other things, because
the author is an international outlaw in many of the matters which it

“Cuba’s position against all manifestations and forms of terrorism,
wherever they may be committed, against any state that may be
affected, in any form it may be carried out, for whatever purpose, is
clear and consistent with its actions.

“Cuba has been the victim of terrorism for many years and it has a
completely clean record in this matter. Cuban territory has never
been used to organize, fund or execute terrorist acts against the
United States of America. The State Department which issues those
reports cannot say the same.”

This declaration, issued at the ministerial meeting of the
Non-Aligned Countries, is not yet widely known by the population
which in these days has been receiving plenty of news of all kinds.
If the State Department wishes to discuss this with Bruno, there is
sufficient information to bury it in its own lies.

Fidel Castro Ruz
May 2, 2009
7:12 p.m.…