CUBA (video): To Understand Cuba, Watch “Fidel: The Untold Story”

Posted on April 29, 2009

Estela Bravo’s tremendous documentary, “Fidel:  The Untold Story,” is the perfect instrument for understanding why Cuba and Fidel Castro are loved and admired throughout the world.  As John Maxwell, columnist for the Jamaica Observer, said recently in a column, Fidel kept all of the promises he made to the people.

You can view the film on this website.  It is in 10 parts.  For a teaser, here is part 4 of 10.  In this part you will see the early years of the revolution including nationalization of US businesses, the beginning of a literacy program which has become the model for the world, declaration of Cuba as a socialist state, and the Bay of Pigs invasion.  In addition, you get great commentary from former CIA agent Philip Agee, Vilma Espin (Raul’s recently deceased wife) and one of the Comandantes of the Revolution, Juan Almeida.  You also get a peek at Che during the nationalization of businesses’ speech.  He is to Fidel’s right and just behind a very young Almeida.

When people ask me what is so great about the Cuban revolution, I explain it like this:  Cuba has doctors, engineers, scientists, and attorneys now whose parents were illiterate and never had the advantage of seeing a doctor.  This is socialism!

Viva la Revolucion!