CUBA (video): Interviews with Two Foot Soldiers in the Cuban Revolution

Posted on April 22, 2009

Over the last few years, Fidel has issued numerous “reflections” about a variety of social, political, and economic issues and, of course, baseball.  Having been on the world stage for fifty years and fighting the blockade from hell, Fidel’s experiences offer  precious historical context that no one else can provide.  In addition, his comprehensive analysis and relentless fact checking  give us what we should have had all along — a rigorous, journalistic study of the most complex problems in the world.

For example, there is no way one can assess what took place at the recent Summit of the Americas, without reading Fidel’s reflection entitled “Secret Summit of the Americas.” Similarly, it is difficult to understand the US dance around normalization of relations with Cuba without reading Fidel’s reflection entitled “Obama and the Blockade.”

Over the past few weeks, Fidel has been turning out double the normal number of reflections.  I think we owe him a great deal of praise for the education he is giving us.  Perhaps, Fidel can be honored best by a video I found that shows an interview with two old foot soldiers who fought in the Cuban revolution after migrating from Spain around 1951.  Beginning with Fidel’s attack on the Moncada, the two men became “Fidelistas”  and have been so ever since.

Viva Fidel!  Viva La Revolucion!