CUBA: Washington Post Gets “F” in Cuban History

Posted on April 9, 2009

In your “Coddling Cuba” editorial of April 9, you managed to resurrect several themes under which the US messed with Cuba over the last fifty years. In fact some of these themes even the Cuban American National Foundation have either rejected or is dubious about their usefulness. Please see CANF’s White Paper on US-Cuba relations released today

Let’s go through the themes you introduced in your editorial and see if we can untangle some of the mess. “Democracy promotion” is a code for soft coup intervention in another country and is largely funded through the National Endowment for Democracy. You have lived through the last two administrations, right? Do you not remember that “democracy” was one of the several ridiculous reasons Bush used to “shock and awe” us into Iraq. But, for a minute, let’s say the US was serious about democracy. Wouldn’t it start with our two stolen elections and maybe a bit of reflection about our involvement with President Uribe and the implementation of Plan Colombia?

Now, the “dissidents.” I know you know this, but to be accurate about whether these folks are “dissidents,” you need to read the transcripts of the testimony from the trials and you will understand that the people convicted accepted money from the US to help implement a plan for a soft coup in Cuba. You pick the country, but I am certain that there are laws on the books which deem such actions to be treasonous.

And then the cheapest shot of all, suggesting that Cuba doesn’t treat black people very well. The revolution was a godsend for Black Cubans because education and health care became immediate priorities. Today, there are Black Cuban doctors, scientists, engineers, etc. whose parents never went to school, nor received medical care, or never owned more than the clothes on their back. In addition, Cuba assisted some of the most important African liberation movements and, in the case of Angola, the Cuban involvement led to the denouement of apartheid in South Africa. You should really ask someone who can talk authoritatively on the topic of racial equality in Cuba and the dedication of Cuba to people of African descent – Nelson Mandela.

Finally, before you write another editorial such as this, I suggest you ban Roger Noreiga and Otto Reich from your office and think for yourself.

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