VENEZUELA: Chavez Responds to Obama

Posted on July 20, 2008

Obama’s scooting to the middle has been evidenced in many ways including his speech at AIPAC. But, it was his speech to the Cuban American National Foundation in Miami that revealed the hard right he would take concerning US foreign policy in Latin America, especially with Venezuela. Recent news reports suggest that Obama has 300 foreign policy advisors. He needs to find at least one advisor to explain to him what 500 years of colonialism and imperialism have done to the people of Latin America and to inform him that the “genie” is out of the bottle when it comes to the power of the people to determine their future. Should Obama have any regime change fantasies in mind, he should watch the film, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” about the 2002 US-sponsored coup in Venezuela, so that he knows it is not an option.

From Venezuelanalysis:

Chavez Responds to Obama

Earlier in the week, in an interview with the Spanish news agency EFE, Barak Obama said that he believed Venezuela “is a destructive force in the region” because of its alleged support for the Colombian guerilla group, the FARC, its “anti-democratic practices,” and its “incendiary rhetoric” against the U.S. Despite this, said Obama, he would still support a dialogue with the Venezuelan government.

Chavez responded angrily to Obama’s comments, someone who he previously seemed to believe would take a different line with regard to Venezuela, saying that Obama is “dynamiting” any possible dialogue between Venezuela, Cuba, and the rest of Latin America.

“The gentleman [Obama] said he would review U.S. policy towards Latin America, but applying a policy of a carrot and stick. Well, gentleman, go study what is happening in Latin America because, if he hasn’t understood that, what there is, is a revolution unleashed,” said Chavez during a gathering with members of his United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

“[Obama] said that Chavez is a destroyer, something like that, of South America, but the destroyer is the empire, which he too represents,” added Chavez.

Chavez then went on to say that no one should “have illusions” should Obama win the U.S. presidential elections because he will represent the empire, no matter how much he tries to present himself as an agent of change.

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