Colombia,Uribe,Hostages,FARC,Rescue Videos: Help, We Need A Music Break

Posted on July 11, 2008

After a solid week of scrutinizing Colombian hostage rescue videos trying to figure out why Ingrid looks so good after 6 years in the jungle, why the FARC soldier, “Cesar,” shown on the rescue video is about a foot taller and fairer skinned than another guy also called “Cesar” that the Colombian military had doing the “perp” walk, and wondering how much this rescue escapade will cleanse Uribe’s dripping-with-blood past, I realized i needed to get a life. Listening to great music seems an essential part of the transition.

Below is a ten minute video of a Senegalese band called Orchestre Baobab. They specialize in Cuban son and pachanga music, but everything they do is unmistakably Senegalese. This group has been around for at least 35 or 40 years and tours the US and Europe frequently. Enjoy!