VENEZUELA: James Petras on the Liberal Opposition

Posted on January 9, 2008

James Petras has written a gem of an article about Venezuela and the liberal opposition and its use of language to obscure their real goals. This article is very applicable to Haiti , Bolivia, and I am sure other places where the National Endowment for Democracy is instrumental in destabilizing democratically-elected governments.

Venezuela: A Dictionary of Euphemisms of the Liberal Opposition

by James Petras

Excerpt below (for full article click on link above)

“When liberals object to the increased access of the popular classes to the government and to the loss of middle class monopoly of government budgetary allocations, they resort to calls for ‘open politics’. This is namely the re-opening of the front doors of policy makers to liberal and social democratic academic advisers. ‘Open politics’ is a refrain frequently voiced by the US imperial state when their foundation-funded NGO’s and political networks pushing for ‘regime change’ find the going tough because of greater attention to thwarting their destabilization operations. The question avoided by the academic critics is ‘open’ for whom and ‘for what political interests’? In the case of Venezuela, the real ‘lack of openness’ is largely a function of the opposition’s monopoly control over 90% of the electronic and print media and the ideological predominance of opposition academics in the public and private universities and class-rooms (including the Central University of Venezuela). In contrast, the trade unions, business associations, civil society movements of all tendencies have flourished during the Chavez decade — in what is perhaps the most vibrant expression of ‘open politics’ in the Western Hemisphere.”