VENEZUELA: Washington Post’s Dangerous Novela – Bagman’s Tale

Posted on December 26, 2007

HELLO? Jackson? Jackson Diehl? I know you are there somewhere. Quit hiding behind the editorial page. Step out and accept your accolade. You guys have outdone yourselves this time with the December 26 editorial on Chavez, Fernandes de Kirchner and the $800,000. It is far more entertaining than anything you have done before. The editorial is splendidly gossipy and filled with intrigue; half novela/half State Department-National Endowment for Democracy script: a woman president, a male president, a former president, $800,000, Venezuelan bad guys out of Miami, oil and maybe gauchos.

I’m sorry I don’t have time for an in-depth analysis of the editorial but just two things: get this translated into Spanish and send one copy to oh, I don’t know, you pick the Univision novela you like best and see what they can do with it. Also, send another copy to any one of the private media stations in Caracas, you know the ones that call Chavez a monkey and are fond of saying that Chavez and Fidel have sex.

In your editorial, you suggest that Argentinians are concerned that Chavez might gobble up Argentina. No, I think they are far more concerned about the US gobbling up their country and their new President. Further, since they know you guys are the primary collaborators with the US in destabilizing governments, they hope you will turn your sights elsewhere for the next coup –maybe Haiti. Oops, been there-done that, haven’t you? Since 2004, 10,000+ dead. Gee, how do you fit that in a novela?