Posted on December 5, 2007

Havana. December 4, 2007

Fidel’s messages to Chávez

Dear Hugo:

I send you revolutionary congratulations on your speech early today.
It was an ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’ of dignity and ethics.

Fidel Castro Ruz
December 3, 2007
10:00 a.m.

Dear Hugo:

I try to be as succinct as possible in my reflections. These are
directed at the public. I have to take into account the space that
the news agencies and the international press dedicate to events that
take place in the world every 24 hours and the maximum time that
people give to one idea among thousands. Moreover, their perception
is influenced by the speed at which an announcer reads over the radio
or following the teleprompter on television.

The culture and educational level of any country, as well as its role
in the possible solution of the grave problems overwhelming the
world, also have to be considered.

This is to explain why, on many occasions, I write something to
inform our people, who are also yours, as they have shown you since
your first public contact.

Today, Monday, the Cuban people are anxious for news about the
Venezuelan people and their leader, their destiny and their risks.
For that reason, it is my duty to recall my reflection “A People
Under Fire,” which contains arguments and sentences that anticipated
the events. I also expressed an opinion that I ratify here: “the
assassination of the president or a civil war in Venezuela, with its
enormous hydrocarbon reserves, would lead to an explosion of the
globalized world economy.”

Following your valiant and wise decision, I shall send a copy of this
second message to “Roundtable,” the Cuban national and international
television program.

The ideas of Bolívar and Martí will overcome!

A strong revolutionary embrace,

Fidel Castro Ruz
December 3, 2007
2:37 p.m.

Translated by Granma International •

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