Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti – Global Voices Online and its Tired, Biased Coverage

Posted on December 1, 2007


Okay, I have been thinking about crackin’ on Global Voices Online for a while and I don’t want to take too much time now cause I’m too busy whacking those opposed to the reforms to Venezuela’s constitution scheduled to be voted on this Sunday.

I’ll write something more later regarding GVO, but for now:

GVO is in a hell of a rut.

HAITI: If you search Haiti on GVO, you get one post after another from “Haiti Innovation” talking about the environment, solar panels and HIV-AIDS, etc. These are very important and noble things for this group of former Peace Corps volunteers to be doing in Haiti and I’m glad they are there doing it. BUT, GVO seems to be unaware that a coup took place in 2004 in which over 8,000 Aristide supporters were murdered between then and now,that Haiti has been under occupation by UN “peacekeepers” since 2004, that the folks who plotted the coup — US, France, and Canada — are having a field day carving up the country, and the most prominent human rights activist, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, was kidnapped on August 12,is still missing, and NO ONE in Haiti seems interested in looking for him. HELLO.

A few months ago, I sent GVO the name and blog URL of a young Haitian living in Haiti who is doing some fine on the ground reporting for several publications. His name is Wadner Pierre and he is writing a terrific blog about the political and human rights issues there. It appears that GVO never picked up anything from his blog, so I give you the URL and you can check it out for yourself:

CUBA: Oh god, what can I say. “Child of the Revolution,” followed by “Babalu Blog,” followed by “Child of the Revolution,” and well, you get the idea. Reading about Cuba on GVO is like watching FOX TV, but worse. Look I bear no ill will toward either of the authors of these blogs. Yes, I disagree with them intensely and would simply like to see some analysis from a left perspective.

VENEZUELA: Ditto what I said about Cuba. Plus you can add “Boz.” Ay, dios mio.

Okay, phew! Now I think I can go back to bashing the anti-Chavez crowd.

But, if you are hungry for a left perspective on these three countries, check out my blog: Haiti-Cuba-Venezuela Analysis.