HAITI: Video of Chavez’ Visit – March 2007

Posted on August 23, 2007

This is a terrific 30minute video that chronicles President Chavez’ visit to Haiti in March of this year. If you take the time to watch it you will not regret it. It begins with Chavez’ motorcade leaving the airport in Port-au-Prince and ends at the National Palace for a meeting with President Rene Preval. In the middle is one rockin’ ride with thousands of Haitians running alongside his motorcade as Chavez hangs out the door of his car to greet the people. At one point, Chavez pops out of the car and runs with the people in the street.

The people of Haiti have gone through hell since the US-backed coup in 2004 robbed them of their democratically-elected president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Chavez’ visit signaled the rare instance in which a world leader comes to Haiti, not with the intention to interfere, but to provide help and solidarity. Viva Venezuela! Viv Ayiti!

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