HAITI: COHA’s Article – Sinful Omissions, Revisionist History and An Insult to the People of Haiti

Posted on August 16, 2007

It’s tough to know where to start with the latest article out of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs regarding Haiti, “Haiti’s Cautious Political Improvement, But the Aristide Question Remains,” because there is so much wrong with it. Its omission of facts critical to the understanding of the current political situation, re-arrangement of history like deck chairs on the Titanic, and arrival at conclusions that don’t seem to be based on the information presented begs a response. Normally, I would resist the urge to respond because there are many articles floating around with similar flaws. But, COHA’s handiwork is such an insult to the people of Haiti, I can’t ignore the opportunity to set the record straight. I’ll attempt to do this over the course of several days. For now, read COHA’s article and I’ll start commenting within the next day:


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